Pixel Art USA is one amazing company and its leader, Alexia Rogers is awesome! She has helped me for years in creating beautiful projects, either from ready made kits or personally designed projects. Alexia is a gem to work with. She totally knows what she is doing and works professionally and truly cares ! There are other pixel companies out there but none compare to Pixel Art USA and Alexia. If you're going to do it .... do it with the best !-Susan Steinfeld, New Jersey

Welcome to Pixel ART USA!

Now offering FREE SHIPPING to the United States! Minimum purchase of $20.00 required for free shipping effective 11-1-23.

We are an official American distributor for Pixelhobby out of the Netherlands. If you have not yet tried this amazing form of art, give it a try today!

In each kit you will receive the pattern, the 4”x5” Baseplates and enough colored pixels to complete your project. We also include the connectors to connect the Baseplates to each other.

Many of our kits have multiple sizes. if there is a down arrow in the size box, please click on the arrow to see what is available!

Come back and visit our website often as new kits will be added weekly. Once you try this Mosaic art, you will see for yourself that the finish product is crisp..compared to other “dot” art, you will find it is superior in the finished product.

Any questions? Send us an email and we'll be happy to get you started. There are some helpful tips and tricks to get you going.

Looking to make a custom picture? Click Here!

TIP number 1-get a ZIG two way glue pen. We carry them in our Supply category!
TIP number 2-on the back of each baseplate, use a magic marker to make your own UP arrow. Then, number your baseplates. This is really important.
TIP number 3-let your glue dry on each baseplate at least 10 minutes.
TIP number 4-After you have completed a baseplate, use a rolling pin to roll over the baseplate. This will even out the pixels and ensure they are on securely.

Thanks for visiting our site and enjoy making these magnificent kits!

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